Circular No.33/2021-22, Dated:08/11/2021-Regarding timely submission of reimbursement applications from various District Committees/Sub Offices | Circular No.32/2021-22, Dated 08/11/2021-Revised guidelines for streamlining the functioning of District Committees and Sub Offices | Circular No.31/2021-22, Dated:08/11/2021-Guidelines for streamlining the functioning of District Committees and Sub Offices | Circular No.30/2021-22, Dated:05/11/2021 - Regarding simplification of procedures for disbursement of Welfare Benefits (unattached and Scattered) | Circular No.29/2021-22, Dated:25/10/2021 - KHWWB-Restoration of Social Security Pension | Circular No.28/2021-22, Dated:08/10/2021 - Regarding Addition of New Courses in Award of Scholarship Plan,1989 | Circular No.27/2021-22, Dated:25/09/2021 - Regarding Amendment in Award of Scholarship Plan,1989 | Circular No.26/2021-22, Dated:25/09/2021 - Regarding the purchase of laptops for worker's children studying for professional courses | Circular No.25/2021-22, Dated:25/09/2021 - Regarding the Amendment of Unattached Workers Special Death Ex gratia Plan, 1997 | Circular No.24/2021-22, Dated:17/09/2021 - Guidelines regarding office work on Saturdays. |
Break The Chain
2.Oxygen Cylinder Unloading

Board of Governance

Sri Pinarayi Vijayan
Hon'ble Chief Minister Of Kerala
Sri V Sivankutty
Hon'ble Labour Minister of Kerala
Sri R Ramachandran

           Kerala Head Load Workers Welfare Board constituted under section 14 of KERALA HEADLOAD WORKERS ACT 1978 for the purpose of exercising the powers and performing the functions of the Board under KERALA HEADLOAD WORKERS ACT 1978 and the SCHEMES made under the ACT it is a body corporate with the name specified ,having perpetual succession and a common seal, created by notification in the gazette by the govt ,consist of members nominated from time totime by the govt representing the employers the Headload workers and the governmentrepresenting equal be in number, to exercise such powers and perform such function andfollow such procedure as may be specified in THE SCHEME or in THE RULES made under this ACT and in the exercise of the power and the discharge of its functions, the board to be bound by such directions as the government may give to it from time to time.